Callout for Facilitators

Hello Talented Arrow Lakes Teachers!

On January 26th, 2024 we are having our ALTA/SD10 Shared Pro-D Day. A large part of the day will be centred around breakout sessions on topics facilitated by local teachers with a passion and knowledge on that topic. The facilitators will receive an honorarium of $100 which is jointly funded by ALTA and SD10. This is a great opportunity for us to share and celebrate together with our members. 

More information about this day will be discussed at our November 1st RA and as the plans come together, I will send out information to staff reps. Your Local PD Chair (Karlee Cook) or myself can also answer any inquires about the day. 

The following topics require interested facilitators for a 1 hour breakout group. This is not meant to be a workshop or presentation rather a guided, collaborative discussion focused on how we can practically build capacity in our local settings in a particular topic.

  • Trauma and Harm Reduction 
  • Indigenous Learning
  • Science and Math
  • Arts
  • Early Learning/ Early Literacy
  • Outdoor Experiences
  • ADST/ Hands on Learning

Facilitators spots are open to all ALTA Teachers including TTOCs if they so wish.

The 7 categories are aligned with the discussions and interests of our members, however, if you have an idea for a different group you can message us with you proposed topic.

If you are interested in being a facilitator, email me back ASAP with a brief rationale and 1 or 2 ideas for the discussion. 

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