Plans for the Shared Pro D Day

Our ALTA Pro-D survey revealed that Teacher Wellness was the most desired topic for Pro-D options.  In researching the topic we have located a great resource called “The Well Teacher”.


Below is a description of the resource:

Teaching is increasingly becoming one of the most demanding of all professions. Teachers, like everyone else, will have periods in their lives when they are experiencing health-related concerns, which makes the job that much more challenging. Whether these health concerns are due to injury, illness, or disability, teachers are often so focused on the needs of their students and their schools that they do no take the time to consider their own health and wellness. This can lead to a cycle of stress, pain, fatigue, and professional dissatisfaction. The Well Teacher provides information that will help every teacher better understand and address their wellness needs by equipping them with practical tools to set goals, make positive changes, and access resources. Topics covered in The Well Teacher include:
Chapter 1 – Teacher Wellness
Chapter 2 – Teacher Mental Health
Chapter 3 – Teacher Physical Health
Chapter 4 – Ergonomics in the Classroom
Chapter 5 – The Teacher Voice
Chapter 6 – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Teaching
Chapter 7 – Return to Work

We are happy to share that we have plans to bring the author Wade Repta to our school district to facilitate a workshop on January 21st, 2019. We hope that everyone will be excited to share in a day focused on keeping ourselves well in teaching.

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